The Real King is Not Dead

The Real King Is Not Dead

This letter is different from most I send out. In this letter an old-man says a lot of things that he has wanted to say. I am 86 and I know that I don’t have much time so here are some things that are on my mind. There is no real form in this letter…just an old man’s wandering thought.

Wana and I keep our T.V. set turned to Fox News. They are the only group that is taking a stand against Obama and his crowd. The only complaint is that the young ladies sit there with their dresses half-way to their hips. The young men are always dressed in suits and ties and the ladies give a sex-show every morning. More and more you see the ladies showing more of their breasts. Modest dressing is always right. I resent the sex-show every morning. Their news reporting is good.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009, most of the day was given to Michael Jackson’s memorial service. Never has this nation seen anything like it, as far as I know. They called him ‘King of Pop.’ I can’t think of one thing he ever contributed to our nation. He could twist and make all kinds of needless and worthless movements. Tuesday the West Coast came to a stand-still for his memorial service. Our nation is a nation of IDOL WORSHIPPERS, Elvis Presley was called the King but he is dead and Jackson is dead. THE REAL KING IS NOT DEAD BUT ALIVE AND WELL. His name is JESUS. We have what we call the American Idol. America is a worshipper of IDOLS, Music, Football & Baseball idols. What was so great about M Jackson that thousands would come from all over out nation and outside our nation? On Super Bowl night, Sunday night, churches re-arrange their services so they can watch the Super Bowl. America has lost her bearings. What business does the Church have yielding to the Super-Bowl? It is hard to believe what Churches are doing to attract people. What goes on in many Churches today is foreign to what happened in the Bible. Too many Churches are ENTERTAINMENT and CELEBRITY conscious. IDOL WORSHIPPERS come from all sections and cultures of this land. They are willing to worship a man. They had picture after picture of Jackson trying to MAKE HIM LIVE, BUT HE IS DEAD. HE IS IN ETERNITIY. He had no clue to what went on Tuesday and if he could talk he would say, ‘GET SAVED,’ the things of this world mean nothing. He left his style of living, his mansion, his popularity. The people in ETERNITY are not calling him KIING. There are no crowds in eternity crying and saying HE WAS KING OF POP. Out there in eternity there is only one called KING and that one is worshipped. In eternity he does not look so great. People drove thousands of miles to see his casket, there was nothing like that in eternity. Greatness here does not mean greatness in eternity.

The America I knew and grew up with is GONE. After seeing the M Jackson show it seems that we are no longer a Christian nation. When I was a young preacher, COMMUNISM was the threat to the Church, but not today. IT IS OUR OWN GOVERNMENT. Christian groups go to Russia today and are invited to preach in their schools. In this year of 2009, Jan. 20, we lost our beloved Christian Nation. We no longer have a check and balance system in our government. The liberal Congress is doing whatever the President wants. Pelosi and Reid are rubber stamps. He is taking control of Banks, Automobile industry, Tobacco industry and what we can preach in our Churches. The President wants to tell Preachers what they cannot preach. The hate crime bill will mean we cannot talk about the Homosexual, Lesbian and the same-sex marriage. Who would have believed here in what was Christian America the Government is killing freedom of Religion and preaching.

In Walton County, Georgia, the Walton EMC issued the following statement, ALERT, CONGRESS, PRESIDENT TO RAISE YOU ELECTRIC BILL. Some experts predict $50.00 per month or more. Our customers are asked to urge their representatives to stop this. Under our President many more things like this are on the table. The Health Bill will do more damage to our Nation than we could ever believe. Americans must speak up ‘NOW, AS NEVER BEFORE.’ ‘We have lost the American that we grew up with and loved so much. It is not the nation we fought for.’

Never have we heard the word GLOBAL mentioned as now, it makes us wonder what the President is planning. He prints the billions of dollars and if you have one ounce of common sense you know that cannot work. The chickens will come home to roost. Later they plan to tell you how to build your home and if your home does not meet their plan you will be unable to sell yours unless and until you come up to their requirements.

In 1636 rule #2 of the Harvard Student Handbook, ‘Let every student be plainly instructed and earnestly press to consider well, the main end of life and studies is, to know God and Jesus Christ, which is eternal life. John 17-3. I could print things like this the rest of the day. We are losing our Nation.

God is not mocked and shoved around. We are paying the price now and the payments will get larger day by day.

God has a time-table and HE goes by and HE told us there would be seven Churches (ages) and it would close with HIM on the outside. That ends Revelation chapter 3 and in chapter four we are called home and the 7 year tribulation begins. In Revelation 13 the beast appears. If the rapture happens now, and it could, in three years comes the BEAST. This is 2009, 3 years, 2012. I wonder how much we seeing today that we are not aware of.

Dr. Don Richards preached a great message Sunday evening, 7-5-09 on this subject. Pray for him, he had a complete knee replacement on Tuesday 7-7-09. It is time Preachers and Bible Teachers sound off on this matter. Our nation took God and The Bible out of the schools and we are killing babies (Abortion) and the homosexual crowd is gaining ground as never before. We need to take another look at Romans, chapter one, all of it. God destroyed Sodom because of the homosexual sin.


The next great event is the CATCHING AWAY OF THE CHURCH. It will happen so suddenly and we will be gone. It is hard for the average Christian and Preacher to really believe that the RAPTURE is that close, that sudden and that universal.

What is really sad is’ many who read the letter profess to be Christians an never go to Church, never read their Bibles, never TITHE of their income and live their lives as if there is no RAPTURE and no TRIBULATION coming. How blind can they be? God help us is my prayer.

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