April, 2013

Dear Friends:
Along with most of you, we and the Winfrey family have been mourning Bro. Gene’s passing, but we have not forgotten to celebrate his victory! WEA is moving forward, and is still strong in its commitment and resources due to the ongoing support of its contributors. For those of you who are remaining faithful in your giving, thank you. What a privilege it is for Sarah and I to serve this organization! So many dedicated missionaries and servants of the Lord! Over the past few years, and especially in recent weeks, Sarah and I have grown increasingly familiar with these people and their organizations. As we have, their missions, stories, and work become more amazing each time we receive a newsletter update. Each of them are thankful for their relationship with the WEA and is grateful for your support. It is almost unfair to pick out any one or two of these to highlight their work because they are all so amazing, but one particular story has touched our heart this month:
Abortion Alternatives of Elizabethton, Tennessee is a tremendous organization that the WEA has supported under Bro. Gene over recent years. Their name alone speaks volumes about what their work there is, but we recently learned that it truly does not say enough. They have equipment to do ultrasounds allowing pregnant mothers to see the life inside of them that society tells them is okay to murder. They feed and provide other support to needy families and single mothers of their community. They also offer parenting classes, teach an abstinence program in the local school system, and help to place children in adoptive homes. On a more personal note, Sarah recently spoke with Mrs. Angie Odom, founder of Abortion Alternatives, who shared her own amazing testimony. A young mother in the grip of drug addiction whom Angie had helped in the past, again had an unplanned pregnancy, only this time she overdosed on drugs while pregnant. Now living in a coma and requiring life support, the young woman did carry the child to term. With the child’s mother and grandmother unable to care for it, Angie and her husband are actively pursuing adoption of this child. They have expressed sincere thanks for our support, but covet our prayers more than anything for God’s hand on all facets of this tragic situation.

Equally impressive are the church planters with the International Baptist Outreach Missions that are active and successful in Africa. A bible college and church planters are also celebrating success in Venezuela where Dr. Warren Lathem recently reported that “it is like the book of Acts down here!”

As always, my wife Sarah and I remain in prayers about the success of Bro. Gene’s work as we move forward. Our home remains open to you if you ever come this way.

In His Spirit,
G. Seth Ford, M.D.
WEA President

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