Our Missionary Family

Our Missionary Family is a wonderful family for many reasons.

  1. It is all His Work, Wana and I did not plan who would make up this group. The Holy Spirit directed, guided, and led us to them.
  2. This work could not be done without all who support with their financial gifts. The money paid to our Missionary Family is amazing. An example, to help in a Dental School and hundreds of people saved in Ethiopia, A Seminary and great soul winning work (105 saved in one day) in Venezuela, and in Africa, Egypt, the Philippines, in Military Prisons, Haiti, in the jungles of South America, here in the USA, Nigeria, West Africa, Wales;, and other places. At no time in my life could we have selected this list. Without those who send their gifts this work would be impossible.
  3. We are grateful for the workers. Sandra Edwards, our tax work. Glenn Labbie, our website and computer work, Dr. Kathy Cadle who mails out the checks and keeps the books, G. Seth Ford, M.D. and of course Wana and others who help.
  4. And those who are willing to go and serve they are the reason for the work.

REV. STUART PAULEY. I met him and his wife after his discharge from the Army. He felt led to work in Military Prisons, and God is opening so many doors in Military Prisons. He has a lovely family.

REV. TOM HICKS is a Missionary Pilot, flying in and out of Mexico. When he was a Pastor, I was with him in Revival. I could see his real calling. I think I gave him the first money to learn to fly.

DR. RON LAMB and his wife Pam, I knew him as a boy, I still hear from his Father and Mother. He is the President of the World Dental Relief. They just finished building the only Dental School in Ethiopia. I took him on one of my trips to Isreal.

DR. MATTHEW SKARIAH, President of the World Prayer Band. I have known him since he came from India where he lived. He has a good work in Nigeria; he is the greatest Prayer Warrior I have ever met.

INTERCESSION FOR ISRAEL, directed by DR. GEORGE LAUDERDALE and his wife Sally. He taught Hebrew in Antioch Baptist Bible College, went with me on Holy Land Trips and was house guest of the Prime Minister of Isreal, teaching Old Testament.

REV. JOHN PIET and his wife im direct a work in the Philippines, a Church and a Children’s Home. I was in a Revival at Lighthouse Baptist Church, Festus, Missouri, the night the surrendered to serve as Missionaries,

DR. ED MOORE and his wife, Nina, he is in charge of The Bible College in Wales.

DR. Dennis Petty and his wife, Amelia, he serves on the Gospel Preachers Association and Amelia is a great musician and singer. I have been in Revival with them.

THE SAMPSON FAMILY, Billy, his wife and daughters. They go to different Churches and win scores of people each year. They are on the road most of each year. He preaches and they sing. All the preachers named in the paper are some of the best in our Nation.

DR. R.G. SMITH is a world-wide minister. He has been responsible in building about 200 churches in Egypt and Africa. Pray that God will give him strength in his missionary work. His lovely wife encourages and prays for him. He and I belonged to the same Church.

REV. HOWARD and PATSY GWARTNEY felt led of God to go to Florence, Arizona and build a Church. There was no Baptist Church there. They used a shool house to start in and they have plans for a beautiful new Church. Howard was born while his parents stayed with us. His Mother and Father are our dear friends.

MRS. CONNIE ANDERSON has a great work in Haiti. Her husband died and is buried there in Haiti. She has a wonderful Children’s Home. She is one of God’s great Missionaries and continues to work there in spite of all that has happened.

DR. DAVID and MRS. ANITA FENLEY are world wide helpers in Missionary Work. They helped Mrs. Anderson in building after the earthquake and in building a place for the boys in the Children’s Home. They have supplied so much food, clothes and other articles.

REV. & MRS. SHAWN MEADE built a nice church on the banks of the Tennessee River near Signal Mountain, TN. They are a precious couple building a nice Church in the mountains an area that needs a New Testament Church.

DR. STEVE and MRS. GINNY SAINT are doing a great work in the jungles of South America. Steve’s father, NATE was killed by the Auca Indians in 1956. I went there to help in this time of loss, at that time Steve was about 5 or 6 years old. It gives me great joy to help Steve.

MRS. ANGIE ODOM is President of ABORTION ALTERNATIVES in Elizabethton, TN. I met her while in a Revival in Elizabethton. She sang one night, the next day I visited offices. I wish you could see that office, Ultra-Sound to help girls and women who are thinking about an abortion and then all she gives them if they have the baby and not an abortion.

DR. JERRY & LINDA ATKINS was a former Pastor of Eastwood Baptist Church. Wana and I started that Church in 1965. Now he is on the road visiting Bible Colleges and getting young people to serve as Missionaries. Tolbert Moore and I will be preaching there Monday, Feb. 11.

DR. ED KIRSCHE, President of Antioch Baptist Bible College and Seminary. Wana and I started the College in 1968. Ed’s Knowledge of the Bible makes him one of the best Bible Teachers in the area. I remember the day he enrolled in the College.

THE PENFIELD CHRISTIAN HOME, their program to help men who are addicted to dope, drugs and Alcohol is one of the best in the nation. I have preached there and Wana sang and we had great meetings.

DR. WARREN LATHEM and his wife Jane direct the great Seminary in Venezuela. One day they had 105 saved. I was preaching Holbrook Camp Meetings when Warren surrendered.

MRS. SUE LUTZ is with the Gospel Preachers Assocation. The work of that group wold be hurt without her. She is a precious Christian lady.

Gene and Wana Winfrey

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